How To Use Eyeliner Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

How to use eyeliner to large eyes are certainly different from the small eyes, eyes down, and other types of eye shapes. Big eye itself is often made into a shortage for its owners. Whereas large eyes have excess tables, because it can make you a more attractive appearance and assertive.

Tips on using Eyeliner to large eyes

For you the owner of the large eyes and want to use eyeliner so happy lah! Large eyes can easily play around with different makeup. Big eye also suitable with all forms, be it cat eyeliner eye to use eyeliner in thick or thin.

If you are confident with large eyes, then you could make a cat eye or apply eyeliner with a thick. One thing to note if you decide to make the cat eye is minimize the other make up. try to reveal makeup on eyes, and wear blush-on lipstick also with neutral colors.

Well for those of you who are not confident with a big form, then it could apply just a thin eyeliner. You could also give the line on the bottom and top of the eye so that the shape of the eyes look smaller. If you choose to make a thin eyeliner, then choose the color of the lipstick and blush-on with bold, like red.

Then what about the other forms of eye? The following tips to use eyeliner to eye other forms:

Eyes Down
Also called with eyes glazed. You the owner's eyes glazed must be smart in choosing eye makeup so that the eyes look "up."

You can apply eyeliner with the pull of the line leading to the top. This technique can make eyes glazed turns into a more decisive and incisive.

Round Eyes
Almost the same as the owner of the large eyes, round eyes is obliged to give thanks! Because the owner form round eyes match using all forms of eyeliner.

If you want to get the perfect eye shape then can apply the eyeliner with a thickness of thin to moderate in the upper and lower eyelids. Different if you want to give the effect of length on the eye round you, then pull the long line as the wings towards the outside of the eyelid.

Sipit Eyes
The condition of the eye forms sipit which has no folds on this eye can diakali with eyeliner loh. You can apply the eyeliner directly above the eyelashes.
Then choose also light color eyeliner like light brown. The color of the bright eyeliner can make you eyes look sharper.

Eyeliner itself consists of various types. Each type has a different function of the eyeliner. Want to know what are the types and their functions?

Eyeliner Pencils
This type of eyeliner the most easy to use and suitable for beginners. In addition to easy, you can also use it to quickly. When you use an eyeliner pencil, makeup will look more natural.
In addition can be used for eyes, eyeliner pencils are also suitable as a base before using other types of eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pen/Marker
Eyeliner is also easy to use. Tapered brush shape and is often used to form the cat eye. Eyeliner pen or marker is present in various forms of brushes that can be customized to your needs.

Liquid Eyeliner
This type of eyeliner the most sought-after women. For those of you who are already expert in using eyeliner liquid eyeliner then this is the right choice. The use of liquid eyeliner it can give a dramatic effect on the eyes. The end result of the use of the liquid eyeliner is more perfect and presentable. But for those of you who are still beginners will surely be difficulties in using liquid eyeliner.

Eyeliner Gel
This eyeliner form more solid and easily applied, including by beginners. The results of using this gel eyeliner will look natural and matte.

Unfortunately, this gel eyeliner can easily dry tablets. To resolve it, make sure you use it after covering it with a meeting.

Cake Eyeliner
This type of eyeliner is most widely used by professionals or make up artost. Solid formulas and allow them to explore with various styles of makeup. In its use, the brush must be applied before then first moistened with water.

Now various types of eyeliner and color can make you explore in makeup faces. And good information how to use eyeliner to eyes of this magnitude could inspire you to use make up.

5 Eye Makeup Like The Cat-Eye Flick That Hits On 2018

This year 2018, it's time to leave the line of the eye or eyeliner with a model that is super thick, long-lined and also visible meets the eye. Because this year, ala cat's eye makeup but with a model that is more simple, predictable future hits and booming again.

Of course in addition to the more practical, makeup model cat-eye flick, it makes the eye could be a point of interest of the makeup you apply!

Modern Cat Eye

By giving a dark eyeshadow squeezed round on the tip of eyes, make the eyes very talk. Other makeup intentionally made simple with colors that pale or tend to pale. Let the shape is increasingly clear, forget first the use of false eyelashes.

Half Flick

If it is usually painted with thick eyeliner and fully along the line of the eyes, this year a line half an eye is enough pisses you appear different. Its stripes remain somewhat thick and made with the model cat's eye-style dip.

Thick and Thin

Still happy with the thorough eyeliner line model? If so, you can play with a thinner line from the corner in the eye, but will further thicken at the end. Then, part of a line that swooped out, made by thinning the line again and slightly shaded.

Simple Wave

Alternatively create a line that wants to eyelinernya not too high and sharp, is playing with a slightly wavy shape. Especially if you use the color eyeliner that remains dark, but in addition to black. This form makes the form of eyes you seem so much more wide.

Splice Effect

With the effect of making the lines that connect like this, make a thick eyeliner makeup did not seem excessive. So, between the lines along the edge of the eye, with his eye-paint effects created with little slits. Need some extra time to make it, but the result is guaranteed to be cool!

Cool, right? Anyway you live multiply the amount of eyeliner and eyeshadow makeup box in you, Yes. Good luck!

Bored With The Cat Eye? 5 This Eye Makeup Can Make You Look Different

One important part of eye makeup is makeup. In addition, the use of eyeliner eyeshadow application plays an important role to make the desired makeup style. Want to try giving a different look at the beautiful eyes? The following 5 style eyeliner makeup that will make your eyes so more unique and playful. Like what?

1. Geometric Liner

One eye makeup trend is very fun and it can also be dramatic as you wish. Geometric style liner does require a more complicated technique of the cat eye look. You can use liquid liner for creative Art Deco cool on this one. How complicatednya depend on the creativity of you to create your desired end result. You can use the scotch tape for easy application.

2. Classic glam

This eyeliner is a style more dramatic version of cat's eye. To get a more mysterious look, use black cat eye as usual but add a line-shaped cat eye longer thinner on it leading up to the eyebrows. You can use the scotch tape as a delimiter between two eye paint and for easy application.

3. Negative Space Liner

Want to make your eyes more character? You must try this bold twist on the cat eye, ladies! To get it, make the look of the cat eye as usual when you will make the wing eyeliner. While to make a bold twist on cat eye you, drop a line on top of the wing towards the eyeliner in the eye until the end of the outer eye. Then make a vertical line that connects between a bold twist with a cat eye. Then the thick part of the bold twist only on part of the line or deep. Add the glitter on the corners in the eyes and under the wing of eyeliner.

4. Bold Color

Facial makeup badass look unlikely opponent talking to miss you. To get this style of eye bold you can use different colors of light. Want to look more challenging? You can try a bright yellow color. Use the liquid, gel or crayon eyeliner like cat eye technique. Then apply a line of colored pencil eyeliner with underliner made similar. To perfect this eye makeup with mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

5. The Technicolor Cat Eye

Bored with the usual black cat eyes look? You should try to use colored eyeliner to give a statement of its own on the eye area look. Choose a bright color to make it look fresh and different, such as blue or green. Use colored eyeliner with soft and intense creamy formula. You can also use a liner brush to help sweep of eyeliner so that the result is more precision and as close as possible to the eyelash line. To create the illusion of a longer eye shape, drag the cat eyes also are longer than usual.

3 Different Eyeliner Tutorial For Cat Eye Makeup and Smokey Eye

It is one of the cosmetic eyeliner which is very important to create the perfect eye makeup. For those of you who edged sipit, would have been in dire need of this eyeliner. Tutorials for eyes eyeliner sipit that pas is making cat eye or smokey eye. This time you could make a cat eye and smokey eye using 3 types of eyeliner as follows

1. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that is widely used by the womenfolk. Maybe some women pleaded hardship this type of wear eyeliner, but after some times wear liquid eyeliner and familiar, then there will be no words difficult to apply them. Liquid eyeliner usually have a brush applicator and culminated as the taper. If you use a liquid eyeliner, it will be invalidated, the sharp eye lines and intense. You just have to draw a line from the inside of the eyelid up to the tip with a thin. The eye sipit will perform perfectly with cat eye makeup eye liquid eyeliner and very fitting to make the look of the cat eye.

2. Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner is the texture of a soft eyeliner and usually shaped like a pencil. To create a smokey eye is soft, you can apply kohl eyeliner at the bottom and top eyelids then pertebal end and flatten with finger for results that are more gentle. Makeup like this will make the eyes look wider sipit.

3. Eyeliner Gel

This is called gel eyeliner because tekstrunya in the form of a gel that gently and is usually cast in a jar. In addition to cat eye smokey eye for the look, you can use this gel eyeliner. Simply apply eyeliner using the brush at the top of the eye and the eyelid down.

4 easy steps to Cat eye Makeup

Create a cat eye makeup eye was indeed sometimes hard and sometimes easy. But by following these four steps, can be ascertained when the heartburn-style cat eyeliner eye you will be SO EASY from now on.

Step #1

Make a line on the tip of eyes forming an angle of slope correspond to the line of shadow pink color drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the eye.

Step #2

Create a guide to paint the eyeliner area (outline) and how to connect the 2 parallel lines of spring — one on the tip of eyes and one at the middle of the eye — use the eyeshadows and brushes-pointed tilted.

Step #3

Fill in the outline with the eyeliner.

Step #4

When you are finished filling out the other half of the outline of the eyes, continue by completing the line up to the corner of the eye (the inside). Make the lines are thin at corner of eyes, started to thicken in the middle to the ends of the eye.

Cat's eye is finished!

Certainly, these steps can be applied to all types of eyeliner, both liquid, cream, gel, or kohl

Pretty Eye Makeup Tips Morning To Night With Cat Eye Makeup

The eye is one of the charms of women. Falling from the eyes to the heart. Roughly once a term widely used by people to express the charm of someone who could make other people fall in love.

By the way a matter of eyes, this time will be to share tips to make eye makeup can make you look more ' live ' there are, morning to night. The Beauty Department, divulge the secret of the eyes look more sparkling and elegant, though with a minimalist makeup.

Let's try these tips. Just armed with eye liner just kok.

Tips and tricks the morning

1. create the pull on the corner of the eye to create a cat's eye shape you want. Since this morning, you create corner cat eye a small but sharp enough.

2. After you create pictures and cat's eye pattern you want, fill the form of the cat's eye by using eyeliner.

3. In order for the eyeliner is not falling apart, to form a thin like this you can do that rather quickly with a little pressing.

Tips and tricks Night

1. When the night comes, You need to make a cat eyes a more firm and thick. You just need to add the effect of a line on the eye that had been hollowed out, so more straight.

2. If You will be attending the event are important, there is no harm in providing additional soft creme or pink eyeshadow which is shimmering. This method can make your eyes seem to shine. However, if you feel your eyeliner is enough, just enjoy the night with your basic cat eyes.

Cat eye makeup makes indeed very personal and depends on each eyelid. We should also pay attention to the thickness of the eyeliner that we want.

the above tutorial is very basic and you can better process, in keeping with the character of the eyelids and your makeup. The last tip, in the evening, do not hesitate to make cat eyes that you apply so much more dramatic. Good luck, Ladies.

Orange Smokey Eyes Makeup For Eyes a More Dramatic

Makeup with a touch of bright colours, now not only can be applied in the cheeks or lips. Spring makeup trends, give also a touch of bright colours on both eyelids.

Makeup makeup in the eyes, capable of giving a major influence on our appearance. The reason, the eye is capable of showing the personality of even our moods. To make it look more all-out, try to apply eyeshadow bright colors, such as orange. Spring makeup trend inspired by 2017, soft tan orange eye-shadow is believed capable of giving effect to the eyes look larger and dramatic for its owners.

Soft Tan Orange Smokey Eyes Tips:

1. using skincare before the start of the application of makeup has become the obligatory rituals performed by the makeup artist backstage at a runway. Application effect on endurance skincare makeup. As a result, more long-lasting makeup and facial skin looks healthy and glowing.

2. focus on eye makeup, use a primer as base makeup. A helpful primer to make eye-shadow colors more pigmented in the skin.

3. For daily makeup, give a dramatic look at orange smokey eyes. Way, avoid using eyeliner so that the eye is not impressed too bold. After the application of the primer, then blend in the powdered eyeshadow on the eyelids.

4. To affirm the look of eyes, eyelashes with mascara or false lashes-natural Eyelash which asserts that looks thick, long, and curved.

5. for evening makeup, simply doing touch ups on the go. That means, you only need to do a re-touch on the eyeshadow.

6. If you want to look more glamorous at night, add texture with a shimmering pale eyeshadow for a more sparkling eye makeup. Don't be afraid to look too much, because the combination of the colours orange and shimmering pale color eye makeup will make it look more warm and still look soft face look.

7. Lastly, if no interest add shimmer, you can add the application of eyeshadow under the eyes.

Tips for this eye makeup look, add blusher and lipstick colour similar, so that the face looks more blushes and impressing younger. Voila! Good luck.

Want a Beautiful Eye Makeup and Dramatic?

A pair of look and eye makeup is very important to create the impression of exceptional and dramatic on the face. Learn about what types of tools and makeup eye makeup and use the easiest way.

4 the tool make up mandatory you for eye makeup more pretty and dramatic

1. Eyeliner

This eyeliner form. Starting from pencils, liquid, gels, and powders.

For eye makeup everyday, it would be great results and shape if using pencil or gel. When choosing a pencil-shaped, will be even better if the first freeze in the freezer before use, so that the results can be thin, and easily planed with special shavings eyeliner.

The selection of the color black or brown eyeliner to eye makeup is strongly recommended. Eye frames ranging from the most in (near your nose), to the outside by following the line of the eyes. For the bottom, pull the line to taste roughly 2/3 eyes, and do not be too thick.

Avoid framing on the inside because it can be harmful to the health of the eyes.

Eye shadow is black can also be used as a substitute for eyeliner. Use a brush with a more pointed tip, add a few drops of water, then apply.

Sometimes we also often see anyone applying white eyeliner. Eyeliner can be used as a touch of eye makeup on the bottom before applying the eyeliner dark black or brown faces.

This eye makeup tricks is one way to minimize the tired eyes that are often visible.

2. Mascara

Please note that the age of this mascara storage on average only 3-6 months only. So, do not use expired make-up.

Before using mascara for a more beautiful eye makeup, it's good to use the eyelash curler first have a bearing. Automatically, use mascara afterwards will be more optimally. Choose mascara with shades of black or brown.

When already wielding a brush mascara, hold for a moment at the root of the eyelashes. After that, point to follow up on the shape of the eyelashes. If you feel less, apply thin-thin once again with the same direction.

In order to make eye makeup last longer, adding the powder sow while the wearing of mascara is also okay. How, before the killing of mascara on the eyelashes, insert the brush on powder sow. Powder dries on the eyelashes will help maintain the eyelashes to look longer and tapering.

3. Eye shadow

Use eye makeup with natural colors such as white, beige, khaki, Brown, old, Brown grey and black also. Row of the color palette, in addition will make more dramatic eye makeup, but also more flexible is used in a wide variety of events.

Avoid using sponges. An eye shadow brush sold separately is more recommended its use because the quality is better. Select the eye shadow brush width and cheek with the hair brush that is thick and smooth.

When applying a natural color options, apply it on the eyelid. Then blend in to the top until the invisible boundaries of skin with eye shadow.

For a variation of the more interesting eye makeup, can apply the 2 colors eye shadow. Review of the older colors on the lines of the eyelids, and then apply the color to the younger ones on it.

Another interesting way to apply eye shadow to eye makeup is to use shades of the younger on the eyelids, and add a dark color in the corner of the eye with the brush in the direction of up (up) up to three quarters of the folds of the eyelids.

As a sweetener, choose bright colors again on it. Apply subtly.

4. Pencil eyebrow

Shades of eye makeup with dark brow pencil like old Brown or black, similar to the color of the hair is strongly recommended. If previously wanted to tidy up first, eyebrow tidy up the bottom of the course. Avoid the top part Yes.

Did the movement of dotted with smooth like hair to fill part of the eyebrows are a little sparse. If not sure, just use the help line of the seat is made from eye shadow or a white eyeliner.

Dark-colored eye shadow can also replace pencil eyebrows. It just may be less durable.

In addition to the 4 tools special eye makeup make up above, there are also 2 complements the other eye makeup.

1. Isolation of the eyelids

The isolation of the eyelids, or popular as scotch tape, is currently available in several types. Some are directly shaped the eyelids with various forms of the arch and the type of color.

In fact it could be with a variety of other interesting applications, such as eyeliner as well as those already with glitter powder. There are also shaped the rolls and need to be established on its own by using a small pair of scissors.

Although he could make a memorable eye makeup look bigger and different, but should avoid overuse of the isolation of the eyelids, because it can leave a stain of the former cause irritation on the skin over the eye.

2. False eyelashes

To master how to installation of false lashes, it will need some spare time for exercise.

The selection of types of false eyelashes that are recommended for the beautiful eye makeup is appropriate to the type of event that will be seen anyway. certainly not going to want to use it when lebay look right?

So, adjust the size of the false eyelashes that will be installed to make it look natural. Use a small pair of scissors if necessary, special eyelashes glue and tweezers to put it up.

Keep in mind if you want to use false eyelashes, no longer need to use mascara. Enhance the appearance of false eyelashes with eye shadow and eyeliner the right course.